Darshan Mandhana is a 31 year old Human Resources professional. Passionate about Painting, Dancing & Swimming, He believes strongly in faith and change. 
His belief is that when each of us shed the hurtful labels that have kept us in the closet and start accepting and respecting ourselves, the world will do the same. 
He has carved his way through all the adversities to become an open gay person to his friends, colleagues and his conservative family. This journey has enabled him to understand the pain of being an open gay man in India and has strengthened him to stand up for who he is and what he believes in. 
Although He has come a long way, his roots are from Jaysingpur, a small town in South Maharashtra and that keeps him grounded.
“We are above the stage of awareness. People know what Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, etc. are. The idea is to be comfortable with yourself and pass the same positive note, so people around us can be comfortable and accept us as we are”, 

 Mr.Gay World India 2017

Darshan Mandhana

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Sanket Sveronic -  LGBT activist , Core organising team - MGWI

Darshil Sh - LGBT activist,  Core organising team - MGWI

Anwesh Sahoo Word

L-R  Saiganesh Krishnamoorty 2nd Runner-up, Darshan mandhana- Winner, Rohan Pujari  1st runner-up & Sushant Divgikar

"Not even in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined that I'd get to realize my dream of becoming Mr. Gay World India so soon in my life. The title has inspired me to dream bigger, work harder and devote myself wholeheartedly to the cause of empowering every LGBTIQ individual around the world. I'm aware that it didn’t happen overnight! It took years of perseverance and a constant war battling the societal norms, and more importantly my own-self- the self that wasn’t aware of the things I could achieve and so much more that I still have to. It’s been a roller coaster ride to say the least. What a lot of people don’t get to know is behind the glitz and glamour of crisp smokings, slicked up hair and make-up, the pressure and the responsibility that one has to live up to is mind-boggling. I'm so grateful to my mentor Sushant Divgikar, the wonderful Celina Jaitly ma'am and the entire team of Mr. Gay World India- Darshil and Sanket, who have been my constant support and my guiding light throughout this incredible journey of Mr. Gay World and beyond. Thank you for choosing me as your representative India and for your love. Every story of yours has empowered me and inspired me to be who I am today. I promise to live up to our cause. 

Love and Light,

Mr.Gay World India 2017 - Darshan Mandhana

Mr.Gay World India 2018


Sushant Divgikar

National Producer/Director - MGWI 

Mr.Gay World India 2014